Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Receiving emails from The Courier of Death shouldn't be a good thing - unless of course it's from a polite chap in Glasgow. Taken from the press release:

The Courier of Death releases “Heist”, the third single from DEN HAAN in late November.

Having established themselves as firm favorites of Glasgow’s long-running club Optimo (Espacio), as well as successfully working up a sweat at Fabric and Disco Bloodbath, DEN HAAN (Matthew Aldworth & Andrew Gardiner) are back with the third instalment in their electrifying macho-disco ouvre.

This time the Glasgow duo, who were responsible for unleashing “Release the Beast” (Optimo Music) and “Night Shift” (Dissident) on unsuspecting dance floors earlier this year, return with a cinematic two-track 12”.

Greed! Violence! Double-dealing! Vengeance! These are the themes of this action-packed single.

The 12” features “Heist”, which puts you behind the wheel in an explosive hi-NRG car chase, persued by Moroderesque swooping arpeggiators and ‘punch your fist in the air’ Glam Rock Guitars. “Russian Boat Commander”, on the other hand, is a progressive Cossack disco stomper that takes you on an epic voyage of symphonic eastern melodies and dangerous Gothic undertones.

It is also the debut single from The Courier of Death, the new label run by DEN HAAN themselves. They have already released The Courier of Death – The Original Soundtrack (from the ultimate B-movie, originally released in 1984) and now adopt the same name for their label.

Escape into the unknown with DEN HAAN’s “Heist”.

Matt was kind enough to provide me with both tracks off the release. These are low bit rate and for preview only - support good music and buy the record when it drops in November!

Heist / Den Haan (YSI) - expired.


Sylvia said...

You have extremely good taste. I found this blog on Hype Machine and will now follow...

Peter PleasureCruise said...

Why thank you Sylvia! Glad you enjoy.