Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Fall is in full swing and we're less than a month away from Halloween - seriously one of my favorite times of the year. Fall in the Midwest is soo amazing.
So I finally got my hands on copies of John Carpenter's Halloween II and Halloween III soundtracks - pure synth insanity. Here's some of my favorites from part II. Come back tomorrow for a couple of tracks from the bizarre epic that is Halloween III:Season of the Witch.

Laurie's Theme / John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - expired.

He Knows Where She Is! / John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - expired.

The Shape Stalks Again / John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - expired.

p.s If you get into Halloween as much as I do - head over to AsRestlessAsWeAre for the most insane collection of aural and visual spooktacular mayhem to ever grace the world wide web. Top notch.

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