Friday, August 29, 2008

Pompa Sexo

Hello Pumpkin Pies,

Well, I thought it koo-koo-krazy that PleasureCrusin' invited me back so soon. Usually, I am used to folks rejecting me after one post...this PleasureCruise fella is giving TWO bites at the apple. Holy hot bat-shit!

Some of you may already know this toon, but there are just as many that do not--and should. This hot mover is brought to us by Tommy 'Apache' Seebach. The first thing that strikes a listener it
not the music, it is Tommy's outrageously furry moustache. And, I will also admit Tommy does resemble an auto mechanic that is working off some debt, or something.

Although little known outside of Western Europe, Tommy Seebach looms large on the Danish pop landscape, enjoying massive chart success for over a quarter century. Born Thomas Seebach Mortensen in Copehagen on September 14, 1949, he studied piano as a child and at 14 formed his first band.

After more than a decade with a proper band, Seebach mounted a solo career in 1976 and a year later, he issued the best-selling
Tommygun (what a wicked-sweet name, right?) In 1979, Seebach won the Danish Melodi Grand Prix with Disco Tango. The song was a blockbuster throughout much of Western Europe.

After a long struggle with alcoholism, Seebach died of a heart attack in 2003.

Get some Bubble Sex

Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Can Do Anything!

This track is just too bizarre not to post. Besides, it's got a damn fine bassline. Indian Disco from the Netherlands anyone?

I Can Do Anything You Like / Tandoori (zshare) - EXPIRED

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Don't Turn It Off

I was first introduced to 40 Thieves thru a Todd Terje mix (shocker!) for Beats In Space. His set was super good (duh?) and he ended it with the ender of all enders. I wasn't at all familiar with the track - let alone familiar that it was a cover. All I knew was that I needed it. I checked the tracklist and downloaded the Don't Turn It Off ep form BeatPort immediately. Weeks later I would discover that the track I was obsessing over was a Hot Chocolate cover. If you don't know who Hot Chocolate are, be sure to check the Wiki link above. I'm waaay to ADHD to explain their history; its a long one. But its awesome. They are one of three groups to score a UK chart hit every year in the 1970's. The only other two are Elvis and Diana Ross. Crazy. I have included both the 40 Thieves and the Hot Chocolate version of Don't Turn It Off for you to check out. Hope you enjoy.

Don't Turn It Off / Hot Chocolate (zshare) - EXPIRED

Don't Turn It Off / 40 Thieves (zshare) - EXPIRED

Friday, August 15, 2008


Happy Birthday Napoleon Bonaparte.
You would have been 239 years old today. 

I loved you in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. 

This track is for you mon ami.

Ou Sont les Femmes / Patrick Juvet (zshare) - EXPIRED

Slow Is The New Fast

The Toby Tobias CD just landed at the cabin - and what an epic slow burner! Space Shuffle is a left field, disco fueled, tech-house* stormer with loads of choice cuts. My faves of the lot are Say it Slow and The Feeling featuring Kathy Diamond. I creamed my jeans over Kathy here. She can do no wrong.

The track I will leave you with today is Dave's Sex Bits. The track was released in early '07 as a 12" single. Many readers may recall the Quiet Village remix on the flip. It got alot of attention; and deservedly so. But I'd prefer to leave you with the original. A top notch tune that could easily find its way onto the playlists of DJ's across several genres.

Dave's Sex Bits / Toby Tobias (zshare) - EXPIRED

*Did I cover enough sub-genre's with that descriptor?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goodbye Music.

My car CD player just died. I am now forced to listen to commercial radio or drive in silence. I've been driving in silence quite a bit and it's not all that bad. Anywho, I was listening to the radio today and the Jock from the local rock station was going on about how "Chef from Southpark died" and how much she "loved Southpark". 

And people wonder why commercial radio is dying.

Shaft / Kashmere Stage Band (zshare) - EXPIRED

DJ Johnny Cakes: Hot n Fresh From the Kitchen

Hey all ya'll pumpkin pies and mega-muffins! It has been a minute since I last posted some music for other blogs, but I nearly shat diamonds when this whole PleasureCuise began! This fool throws the wax like an 1800s-era butter churner. Sick-o!

So, I've been listening to a lot of old grooves, and I confess the
disco genre is not a creamy mud-bucket I come back to over and over. But then I come across a jammy-jam like SPANK!, and it throws my world outta whack! This mover by Jimmy "Bo" Horne has lived and breathed on continuous repeat in my little world. Just by looking at homeboy's face on this record cover, you know he a freak and he means every line of this song.

No, but really, how priceless is this cover!?

Grab it while you can and shake yo money maker!

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Fleeting Days of Summer

I can't believe summer is almost over. Now don't get me wrong - there are still plenty of warm and fuzzy days left - but we all know cold and bleak winter months are just around the corner. Ugh. But remember kiddies, the great thing about music is its power to transport you to far off places and experieces; both old and new. The Fleet Foxes track below is the perfect winter blues weapon - instantly turning any cold, grey day into a sun drenched wonderland. The boys in Aeroplane open their most recent RA Podcast with this track, and man it's good.

The ever stellar KUMO blog set White Winter Hymnal loose earlier this week. And it made my day. So now I'm passing it along to you. Enjoy.

White Winter Hymnal / Fleet Foxes (zshare) - EXPIRED

I love how things work out. I met KUMO's Marc Kets via a comment section on a blog we both visit. Now we are visiting each others blogs. Totally radical. 

P.S.S. or is it P.P.S?

I am playing at The Treehouse in Tremont tonite. Come on out for some funky summer grooves and left field disco beats. The Treehouse. 820 College Avenue. Cleveland.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Karma! That's the Sound of the Police!

I went to see Radiohead play on Monday. I had yet to experience these guys live. And in my book, they are definitely one of those "gotta see them before I die" kinda bands. Several of Radiohead's albums - namely The Bends and OK Computer - were a huge part of my high school years and to this day recall crazy memories each time I hear them. 

I love how music does that.

The show was amazing. The boys are straight up pros; running through a set list of old and new tracks that blew the minds of all in attendance. It's crazy to see how far reaching Radiohead's fan base is. Indie kids, frat boys, ravers, hippies and even mom & dad.

When looking for some music to accompany this post, I did a quick search for Radiohead on my hard drive. I had completely forgotten about the track below. It's a cover by the The Brown Derbies, a men's a cappella group from Brown University. A fucking brilliant cover.

Karma Police / The Brown Derbies (zshare) - EXPIRED