Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Karma! That's the Sound of the Police!

I went to see Radiohead play on Monday. I had yet to experience these guys live. And in my book, they are definitely one of those "gotta see them before I die" kinda bands. Several of Radiohead's albums - namely The Bends and OK Computer - were a huge part of my high school years and to this day recall crazy memories each time I hear them. 

I love how music does that.

The show was amazing. The boys are straight up pros; running through a set list of old and new tracks that blew the minds of all in attendance. It's crazy to see how far reaching Radiohead's fan base is. Indie kids, frat boys, ravers, hippies and even mom & dad.

When looking for some music to accompany this post, I did a quick search for Radiohead on my hard drive. I had completely forgotten about the track below. It's a cover by the The Brown Derbies, a men's a cappella group from Brown University. A fucking brilliant cover.

Karma Police / The Brown Derbies (zshare) - EXPIRED


Warchevski said...

Peter PleasureCruise said...

yeah man.

Johnny Cakes said...

WIsh I could'a been there with the krew! Thanks for the review.