Friday, August 15, 2008

Slow Is The New Fast

The Toby Tobias CD just landed at the cabin - and what an epic slow burner! Space Shuffle is a left field, disco fueled, tech-house* stormer with loads of choice cuts. My faves of the lot are Say it Slow and The Feeling featuring Kathy Diamond. I creamed my jeans over Kathy here. She can do no wrong.

The track I will leave you with today is Dave's Sex Bits. The track was released in early '07 as a 12" single. Many readers may recall the Quiet Village remix on the flip. It got alot of attention; and deservedly so. But I'd prefer to leave you with the original. A top notch tune that could easily find its way onto the playlists of DJ's across several genres.

Dave's Sex Bits / Toby Tobias (zshare) - EXPIRED

*Did I cover enough sub-genre's with that descriptor?

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