Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flying High

Belgium based Aeroplane describes themselves on their myspzzz page as "psyche guitars, pop keys, melancholic waves and catchy bass lines meets disco beats". You had me at "psyche" Mr. Fasano

I am soo feeling anything these guys put out lately. I came across Whispers in the Dark about a month ago and picked up the 12". Such a jam.

I'm looking forward to listening to some more of Kathy Diamond's work. She completely captured the "disco diva" sound on Whispers...a sound way too many vocalists try to hit, yet rarely do.

Aeroplane's got a slew of proper remixes too; all posted up on their myspzzz.

Just about every remix is spot on - but I figured I'd post a track from a band the entire blogosphere loves - MGMT. In my humble opinion this is the best remix of this track. The boys keep it clean and simple. Just the way I like it nowadays. 

Whispers In The Dark / Aeroplane feat Kathy Diamond (zshare) - EXPIRED
Electric Feel - Aeroplane remix / MGMT (zshare) -  EXPIRED


Johnny Cakes said...

Love Boat,
Dude you keepin' da bangers bangin'!!!! How's about showing the crowd how we used to do in Lost Angels with a posting of Crockett's Theme?

Peter PleasureCruise said...

wow. i like that. that request may need to be filled soon....

Billy said...

Check out Kathy Diamond's single 'Over'. Track was produced by Maurice Fulton (who is a legend in his own right) and is a fantastic slow burner.