Saturday, July 26, 2008

My friends don't recognize me.

So I've got a regular gig at a salon. I played the earliest I've ever played today. 11am. The owner - an amazing woman named Angie needed me a bit earlier. I showed up with a tall coffee in hand and proceeded to cast a mellow spell unpon those gettin' pretty. VANITYLAB is a great spot. Top shelf salon with spa. Great staff. Amazing space. Check it out.

The first track on today's post  might as well have been the theme song to todays set. Laidback, summer groove kinda stuff. Low Motion Disco is one of my current faves. Keep it Slow has been on repeat at the cabin for a while now.The second track? Well, it sorta speaks for itself in the context of this post.

Low Motion Disco / Things Are Gonna Get Easier (zshare) - EXPIRED

Map of Africa / Plastic Surgery (zshare) - EXPIRED

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