Sunday, July 13, 2008

Horror in 3-D

So I'm watching Friday the 13th part III. It's the 3-D one. Super cheesey. And it's really lame when you don't have 3-D glasses. But it is the first instance of the iconic goalie mask. And, the title track is soo goddamn disco it hurts. Henry Manfredini composed the track. I need this 12". The world needs this 12".
Please let Zombie Zombie be involved in the next incarnation of Jason Vorhees. Their music is soo slasher ready. And I mean this as a compliment. Eerie disco beats that erupt into the macabre. Killer production too. They've got a string of dates on their Myspzzz page. All shows in Europe. Tear. I guess I'll just have to wait for Friday the 13th part 11.

Zombie Zombie / Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free (zshare) - EXPIRED


Johnny Cakes said...

Pleasure Cruizer,

Thanks for the tidbit about the first appearance of the MASK. If I would have gotten that question on trivial pursuit, I probably would have guessed Part II. But every 13th was wicked-sweet because it was always a guarantee to see many nekked breast-es-es.

Peter PleasureCruise said...

haha. fer sure dude.