Friday, November 28, 2008

We're Getting the Band Back Together...

I thought it would never happen, but I've finally come out of my turkey induced coma and I'm ready to get this weekend started. Who's with me?!?!

Tonight I'm playing a reunion gig. 
Yes. A reunion gig. 

MisterBradleyP and I are getting the Dandylion crew back together for one last hurrah tonight at Touch Supper Club in Ohio City. Should be rowdy. Cleveland people come out and get buck. I will definitely be dropping this jam around 1am...

Start Something / Morten Sorenson - EXPIRED

Dude, what is in the water in Norway? These dudes just continue to pump out ridiculous tracks. Here's a snippet from Morten's bio on the Tirk website...

"Hailing from a small mackerel fishing village in southern Norway, 22 year-old Morten Sorenson enjoyed a ten year spell in New York whilst his dad worked for the UN's International Maritime Commission, developing a love of dusty old NY disco that was to irrevocably shape his future".

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Hope you enjoy this lead track on Morten's first EP from Tirk Recordings.
The Chic sample is brilliant.

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This is pretty bad-ass: