Thursday, November 6, 2008

Word Search

I just picked up a pretty cool compilation (I'm compilation cccrazy these days) tittled Milky Disco. A tracklisting with the likes of Daniel Wang, The Emperor Machine, Quiet Village, and In Flagranti meant this disc was a must purchase.

Sometimes when I want to post on my blog, but am not inspired to do so, I'll do a word search on my hard drive and see what comes up. Tonight I typed in "space". Two tracks caught my eye – Johan Agebjorn and Sally Shapiro's Italo-inspired Spacer Woman From Mars and Spacer Woman from certified Italo darling Charlie.

The Agebjorn/Shapiro joint is kinda like a tribute or something??!! It sounds and feels soo much like the Charlie I cccrazy or what?

Spacer Woman From Mars / Johan Agebjorn featuring Sally Shapiro - EXPIRED

Spacer Woman (Vocal) / Charlie - EXPIRED

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