Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Open Sesame

Looking though my music tonite, I found a record(s) that I played the hell out of in 2004 - and kinda forgot about it - until now. It's an Eskimo Recordings comp with all sorts of movers. You could seriously just show up to a gig and play both records front/back and have the club going bonkers. All kinds of hits from the likes of Tiga, Mylo, Tomboy and Chromeo. As mentioned above, I pretty much played this compilation into the ground about four years ago; and its become one of those "forgotten about albums that had its day in the sun but now resides at the back of the bin" kinda thing. 

But man am I glad I decided to look through some older records tonite! I uncovered two ridiculous tracks. One ridiculously good. The other ridiculously bad. Both amazing.

Fast & Delirious (Spencer Filipsson edit) / Hans Peter Lindstrom - EXPIRED

Jungle Jezebel / Divine* - EXPIRED

*yep, it's that Divine. I have no clue as to why this track appears on the comp - but I do know that it was part of a 6 track LP that was produced by Bobby Orlando. Instant gold.

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