Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year.

To everyone who supported me in 2009...
Mom & Dad, Sarah, Fiona, plaidmusic, Italo Deviance, l'iglootone, Monorail PDX, MisterBradleyP, Small Pyramids, Bicep, Chris Kontos, Nassau, Dollar Bin Jams, Louis Scully, Gregory Lee Boyd, Ash & Eric of Disco Horror, DJ Shawn Ryan, Soicial Disco Club, DJ Eleet, Mike Filly, Same Desire, Ryan M Todd, Mikie Lixxx, Ryan Santos, Chris Wright, Dublin Bus Disco, Sir Billy, Touch Supper Club, The Matinee, Sci-Fi Pogo, The B Side Liquor Lounge, Keytars & Violins, The Grog Shop, VanityLab, Jugoe, Baia Boy, Slutty Fringe, Remy the Restless, Sean Donson, DJ Tech, Peter Dragontail, AOR Disco, Goodlife Mike, Amateur Boyz, Zach Ware and everyone else who visits and contributes to this blog. Thank you.

Here's to all the best in 2010!


Shawn Ryan said...

A toast to Pleasurecruise world domination in 2010!

Louis said...

Cheers bro, happy new year to you too!