Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Confusion and weird situations.

I busted out my copy of Oliver Stone's The Doors this past Sunday. How good is that movie?! So of course watching the film got me thinking about their music. The next thing you know, The Ghost Song is on repeat for a day. I know this will sound super snobbish, but there are only soo many Doors songs I can enjoy nowadays. The Ghost Song is one of those songs. I dug up the longer vesion. Actually, the song itself isn't any longer or different; it's more of a hidden ending after about 30 seconds of dead air at the end of the track. I've also included a short interview with Mr Morrison. It's about one minute and it is awesome.

The Ghost Song / Jim Morrison & Music By The Doors (YSI) - expired.

Interview, Stockholm / Jim Morrison (YSI) - expired.

Who's got the Heavy Disco version of this? On my wishlist now.

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