Sunday, May 31, 2009

Optimo (Espacio)

Enjoy some vocoder fun from 2003. Part of limited edition remix sampler that also included a Chicken Lips and Zongamin remix. My girlfriend at the time brought this record home from a trip she took to London. By no means was this souvenir part of a 'wish list' I sent with her across the pond. Knowing I love music, she decided to buy me a record and this is what she picked out.

How and why I screwed up that relationship is beyond my comprehension.

Overflow (Optimo remix) / Playgroup (YSI) - expired.


Belle Epoque said...

Great vibe on that tune. Love the crescendo and industrial elements they wove in to a Giorgio Moroder inspired beat platform.

plaid said...

reiceiving presents like that one from a girl means she is has to be special

Anonymous said...

This is great ... used to play this ALOT .. thx for the revive !

John said...

really great track this, still drag the vinyl out and still does the business.

funnily enough, the remix wasn't actually done by the Twitch and Wilkes Optimo, but by Pete Herbert (reverso 68/LSB/etc).

i think he got asked to stop using that name right after it got released.

here endeth the geek lesson.