Saturday, March 7, 2009

Soooo 2008

Today I'd like to share a track from what I consider one of last year's best full lengths*. I actually just bought the album - diskJokke's Staying In - which is kinda the reason I'm creamin' my jeans over this now as opposed to over a year ago when the album came out on Smalltown Supersound.

Wait. Is it blog suicide to post a track that's over a year old?
And posting a 30 year old italo tune is suddenly the bee's knees? Huh?

OK. Enough venting. Back to the positive.

Enjoy an absolute bomb from diskJokke's debut full length...

Some Signs Are Good / diskJokke (YSI) - expired.

*The album dropped November 07, but I didn't see it Stateside till March 08. I could be wrong. If someone wants to "out nerd" me with some cold hard facts, please do.

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remy said...

absolutely nothing wrong with posting not-so-recent, not-yet-ancient tracks, especially ones so damn good.

keep 'em comin!