Monday, March 30, 2009

Deep Freeze

Today I've got a track that I purchased digitally when it dropped this past summer on Deep Freeze Recordings – but then kinda forgot about it. Not becuase it's a snoozer (after all, I am taking the time to post) but probably because (a) I purchased it digitally and alot of times those purchases get lost in the depths of my hard drive, and (b) its like a full time job keeping up with and retaining all new releases on a weekly basis.

So yeah, I kinda forgot about it until I listened to a Cosmo Vitelli mix from last fall that's been re-upped at one of my favorite blogs. Let's rewind, shall we?

"Hey! I think I know that track. Hey! I think I own that track. Hey! I think I'll post that track."

Pendulo (Pete Herbert edit) / Silver City (YSI) - expired.

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Future Man said...

oooooh, I am totally vibin' this shit!