Monday, February 9, 2009

My friends say I am crazy, but they have never met you.

What to do when the economy's in the gutter? Spend money! I went record shopping today and found some gems – including Umberto Tozzi's** Gloria. Enjoy both the longer English version and the hot little Italian number. My money's on the Italian.

Gloria / Umberto Tozzi - expired.

Gloria (in Italian) / Umberto Tozzi - expired.



Miguel said...

bad version?
this is the original dude.

Anonymous said...

wow. i guess i gotta do research before i post!!!

it's funny tho - i was thinking about this post today, and was like "wait a sec - maybe this is the original??!!"

and i did say brilliantly bad. not bad. lol.

thanks for stopping by Miguel!

Miguel said...

Ahah don't worry!
keep up the good work.