Friday, January 16, 2009

Man, this is some good shit.

My classmates and I would immediately break into chorus " the sharee-eef don't like it " when our French teacher would even utter the word casbah. Mr. Turner was black and was all into Algeria and it's ties to French colonization and it's subsequent mix of cultures. So he was sayin' casbah all the fuckin' time! Super smart dude, but a total condescending prick.

Red hot In Flagranti take The Clash's hit* and strip it down to a dubby groover. The track is taken from the latest Sounds Superb release on Codek; and what from I can tell is a JunoDownload exclusive. What I don't know is if these tracks - all 10 amazing reworkings of dusty gems - have been released before. To my knowledge, they have not...anyone?

Abash Crock / In Flagranti - expired.

* Rock the Casbah was written in 1982 in response to Iran's outlawing of music, particularly disco.

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Future Man said...

Name Drop Points x2: Milt Turner