Monday, December 15, 2008

It's For You

Holiday parties are killing me. I've been drunk & stoned for the past two weeks straight. Yikes. Last night I was out at the club with some friends – Sunday nights in the Heights son! My elvish ears perked when this jam was played...

It's For You / Out Hud - EXPIRED

A great tune from a band that is sadly no longer with us. Tear. Out Hud disbanded in 2005 with members focusing on other projects; most notably LCD Soundsystem and !!!. The band did manage to put out two full length albums and remix a slew of artists over the course of ten years. The It's For You maxi CD came with this stripped down remix from NYC disco duo Rub N' Tug. A super solid release.

It's For You (Rub N' Tug's Panarava Mix) / Out Hud - EXPIRED

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misterbradleyp said...

i played this song after !!! performed and one of the dude's made me stop playing it. i thought he was joking, but he was seemingly pissed.