Friday, November 26, 2010

Turn on your Graydar.

Graydar is Peter PleasureCruise and MisterBradleyP doing what they do best - getting faded and playing dusty disco records. Here's the first in what hopes to be a series of mixtapes and productions - if they can keep their shit together.

*tracklist in comments


kristina said...

love these mixes!

Brian said...

Hey, thanks for the great mix. Where is the tracklist?

PleasureCruise said...

Brad's Side: ::

1. carol williams - can't get away (from your love) special club "dub" mix by ray "pinky" velazquez (graydar edit)
2. donald byrd & 125th street - love has come around (sake1 edit)
3. mark ronson & the business international - bang bang bang (u-tern's disco dub)
4. chemical bros - swoon (lindstrom & prins thomas rmx)
5. dj eleven - yes i know
6. o'jays - this music part 2 (edit)
7. mantus - (dance it) freestyle rhythm (graydar edit)
8. gichy dan's beachwood no.9 - cowboys & gangsters (social disco club edit)
9. walter meego - forever (escort edit)
10. pase rock - so fucking disco

Peter' Side ::

1. steve's intro
2. kindness - swinging party
3. ray mang - look into my eyes
4. francis inferno orchestra - so divine
5. space ranger - superstring (rayko remix)
6. west phillips - i'm just a sucker for a pretty face
7. mark seven - pillow talk
8. tensnake - get it right
9. steve's outro