Thursday, May 6, 2010

mix02: Chris Kontos

After a brief hiatus, the PleasureCruise'n Mix Series is back. I'm super excited to have fellow blogger and DJ Chris Kontos, contribute to the series. Chris is part of the amazing blog plaidmusic - a site I'd expect most readers of this blog to be extremely familiar with. If not - get familiar folks! Ok, enough of me...time to let Chris do the talking.

"This is a collection of my warmest memories from my endless summers in the embrace of the Aegean Sea. The north winds of August blowing violently on our blue painted windows. Watching the sun diving into the water from our little balcony. The crickets singing their midnight symphonies outside our room. The smell of oil tan in my bag. The taste of saltwater on your skin. The humming of the old refrigerator that is the most beautiful sound of the summer. This is Caldera, a tribute to a place so imaginary, but so real in the same place. The island of our dreams."


Anonymous said...

wow! love the mix! do you have a tracklist? I was especially wondering about the first and second track. thanks again:)

PleasureCruise said...

Glad you enjoy. I have asked Chris to submit one...keep your fingers crossed!

plaidmusic said...

Hey Peter.Sorry for taking so long to send you the tracklisting.Here you go.Cheers for your comments.

Frank Fischer-Cafe Del Mar
Ottmar Liebert-Luna Negra-Lush- calypso mix
Phil mison-lula
10 cc-Im not in love
Double dee-found love
Paul Haig-I believe in you
Mystic Dievrsion-Ripples
Rita Lee-Caso Serio
Bernie Krause-Heights of Machu Pichu
Brother of Soul-Ife Bowowa
Jan Akkerman-Streetwalker
Azymuth-Last Summer In Rio
Larry Heard-Midnight Movement
MAW-Unreleased Project-clouds
Ten City-Deep Kiss
Jephte Guillame-L Ame Eternelle
Gato Barbieri-I Want You