Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mixed emotions.

Here's the first (and only) take on a mix I made last night in honor of Valentine's Day. Like most of my relationships, this mix has its technical ups and downs; but it's the imperfections that make this mix (and most of my reltaionships) special and real and human, right?

Daybreak / Mr. Monday
Cambio / Corduba
Magic (Cole's Love 4 Banani Mix) / Olivia Newton-John
Morning Bump / Afrobutt
I Need Somebody To Love Tonight / Sylvester
Andromeda (Prelude To The Future) / Meanderthals
You Got The Love (House Appella) / Candi Station
Hands Of Love (Gatto Fritto Menorcan Nightmare Version) / Rocha
Cherry-Coloured Funk / Cocteau Twins

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