Thursday, August 20, 2009

Funky Spaniards.

Sorry for the lag in posting ... I've been record shopping! Does that count as a legitimate excuse?
Here's a gem I found for two bucks - a killer price for an album that often goes for much, much more.
Enjoy some psychedelic latin jazz disco funk from Barrabas.
An extremely interesting blurb about the band can be found here.
The more I read about these guys the more albums I want! (I now own two by the way,hehe.)

Hi-Jack / Barrabas (YSI) - expired.


Future Man said...

This cover art is sick! Art in itself.

Anonymous said...

LOL there's actually a band called Barrabas?

reminds me of the hilarious scene from 24 Hour Party people... "we want Barrabas!"